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upper GI.... could save your life

At age 76 I only took a Cholesterol pill, no other health problems and on 10-18-19 I passed out on my porch and ambulance driver said my kidneys and body was shutting down.Deaconess hosp went right to work and revived me and saved my life, they found stage 3 esophagus Cancer with upper GI which I never knew I had.

On 4-20 I finished treatment and beat Cancer, but I can not be fully released until I get rid of salty taste in my mouth where I can eat regular food again, they'll remove bag in my stomach and port, then I can go anywhere and do anything.

Doctors say they don't prescribe upper GI without a reason but all you have to do is say you are having trouble swallowing, breathing etc and they will prescribe test. This test a few years earlier could have prevented the pain, 30 radiation treatments and 5 Chemo treatments I went through

If I had to go through again what I just went through I might just tell doctor to give me something to ease pain and take the quick way out because I was out of it almost all the time for first two months, then I was in hospital or outcare facility, there were many dreams, hurt and pain, then sleeping all the time in recliner, depending on others, the radiation and chemo, test after test.

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The two women in picture are Vicki on right, my girlfriend's Donna's sister and her best friend Jane on left