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Clayton Glover on page above and the site-owner wrote a song about Julia Pastrana and to see four pictures of her taken in 1850 go here

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Clayton Glover is Michigan songwriter - composer - entertainer and singer that has recorded or toured with following: Willie Nelson in Fort Worth ... Dean Beard of the Champs "Tequila" fame ... Bill Graham (a bassman) for Glenn Campbell ... Tooter Boatman ... Huelyn Duvall ... Curtis Potter ... Ray Rush ... Weldon Myric (steel player) ... Bob Milsap (songwriter) ... Wildfire Willie (Rock-a-billy singer from Sweden) ... Charlie O'Bannon (piano man) from Texas ... Billy Walker ... Mac McCray.. Clayton has shared the stage with Dale Watson in Houston & Austin Texas (summer of 2003) .. Ink spots .. Mills brothers .. Larry Collins without sister .. Ronnie Pearson and the Ron Dons .. Freddie Bell & his Bellboys

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On page below are 4 pictures of Julia Pastrana born in 1834 who became a famous ballerina and singer in 1850's that was displayed as a freak around the world that would sing and dance before Kings and Queens

Julia  Pastrana

Julia  Pastrana

Julia  Pastrana

Julia  Pastrana

Hear Julia's song while you are reading about her that on page below that Clayton Glover and Glenn Smith wrote after they read about her and saw pictures of her on page above

Julia Pastrana a Mexican Digger Indian was born to a family that lived in a cave who ate roots and tree bark to survive ... she was 4 and a half feet tall ... her face and body covered with straight black hair (congenital, generalized hypertrichosis terminalis) ... her ears and nose were extraordinarily large ... her teeth were irregular and abnormal ... according to one account she had a double row in each jaw ... but a recent examination of her mummy says that she did not.

She was discovered by a man named Theodor Lent who began exhibiting her worldwide ... her act displayed the fact that she was an accomplished dancer and singer ... she eventually married Lent and even to her deathbed truly believed that he loved her for her own sake ... she died from complications of childbirth in 1860 ... her similarly hairy and deformed baby boy lived for three days and she died shortly thereafter.

After their death Lent had a Professor Sokoloff mummify her and her baby then he resumed the tour continuing to exhibit them both ... Lent eventually died of a brain disease ... one of his final acts was to run around on a bridge throwing money into the river.

For many years, Julia's mummy was believed to have been lost ... But ... The mummies ended up in Norway in 1921 and were on display until the mid-1970s when Norwegian authorities threatened confiscation ... The mummies were stolen in 1979 ... then recovered by police from a dump and stored ... in 1990 it was discovered at the Oslo Forensic Institute a little the worse for wear ... Julia was by all accounts a bright, sweet and interesting woman ... she loved to read ... exhibiting herself saved her from the grinding poverty of her birth home and allowed her to see the world!

Clayton Glover and Glenn Smith wrote Julia's song which is the first one on page below that they have submitted for a movie that is now being made about Julia Pastrana.. all songs on page below are copyrighted.. you can play individual songs on page below by clicking on song you want to hear

Julia's song

She cries

Lone wolf

Cookie crumbs

Love is...?

Damned old rat hole

Devil done his dirty work

Humpty Dumpty

Shakin Guitar man

Miss your smile

Sharing love

Mighty good book

Whenever I fall


Rivers edge

He hears you cry

Devil's train

I believe that

The Lord can see

Someday you will

God saw everything has been submitted for a movie starring George Clooney and Ashley Judd about a little girl killed by her step-mother that brother seen.. but told nobody about until 60 years later!

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