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Frans Maritz is now living in Florida but he's originally from South Africa and country music is probably the main reason he is in the USA. He has been writing songs for a long time and have had some of his songs recorded by a few up and coming artists but none have become hits

But the experience has given him encouragement to carry on and though he was not blessed with a good singing voice he says that is he has not persued a singing career as it is not so easy to find someone to do your demo for you and so he has had to sing all the songs he has written.

He says when someone who can really sing well, takes one of my songs I know that the song would improve by at least 100% and that is why I am still writing songs. My dream is that one day someone will take one of my songs and make it a huge hit

He says he's never been someone who wants it all; there fore I have always been open to having a co writer but the people I have known and still know only want to see their name on the label

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