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"Hear I've Got You" by Dennis Ellison - Glenn Smith that is using lyrics that were once on this page ... all song lyrics on this page are copyrighted

On page below you can read love song lyrics we wrote and to hear MP3 songs play on my site.

She Fullfilled My Every Dream©**

The Day I Found Love©

A Womans Kind Of Love©

All My Dreams Came True©**

** You Kept Nothing Hid©

** Rings That Broke My Heart©

My Man's Not That Kind©

When Someone Tells A Lie©**

When Your Eyes Are Closed©**

I'm So Glad Your Love Is Mine©

My World Has Everything©**

Memories That Never Died©**

Looking Through My Eyes©

If You Ask©

You've Never Made Me Blue©

** Why I Love You©

Love Grows Stronger Everyday©

** If You Ask Me To©

** Wishes, Hopes and Dreams©

Until I Look At You© **

** In A World Without You©

Without Love©**

I Often Wondered©

** When I Was Loved By You©

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