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Song lyrics are in text files that open when you click on them. **Indicates composer is working on the lyrics and composing music. Composers can contact Glenn Smith if they are interested in working on any lyrics on this page as a composing project

Glenn Smith co - wrote all lyrics
All songs lyrics are copyrighted

God was walking with me©**

Through God's eyes©**

Their gifts are from him©**

**Spread Out Your Wings©

**Without My Memories©

**It Won't Matter©

I'm On My Way Up There©**

The Dream©**

**Trials And Tribulations©

Since God Made Men©

Heaven Will Be Our Reward©

When He Speaks To Me Inside©**

Until The Day I Found Him©

God Blesses Me Everyday©

The Good Book©

The Lord Sent Me His Love©

**The Hypocrite©

The Day I Found Him©

**Our Faith©

**Reach Out To The Lord©

**He Made Me Whole©

**If Not For God©

We Should Feel Blessed©

When God Speaks To Us©

I Say Praise To The Lord©

He Will Hear Your Cry©**

He's Changed My Outlook©

Thank God For Memories©

**I'll Have Faith©

With God I Always Win©

God Will Smile Up Above©

**A Cross He Had To Bear©

If I Hadn't Been Blessed©

When You Learn To Believe©

Lord Thanks For The Memories©


I Pray My Soul Will Be Saved©

The Savior Of Men©

Have Some Mercy On Me©

Whenever I Fall©**

Til Our Battle Is Won©

Thankful And Glad©

Our Bridges Are Burned©**

**At Times Like These©

In A Perfect World©**

Without Our Gift To See©**

Bring Back My Best Friend©

As He Meant It To Be©**

**I'm Not Missing Much©

**Sharing Love (Hurts no one)©

What I'd Wish For Me©**

Should We Give less Than God©**

**The Rivers Edge©

If We Follow His Rules©

We're The Ones To Blame©

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