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Coping and dealing with death, grief, loss of a loved one such as your father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or someone else you love, sadness and thoughts of suicide is something that all living being will face in their life

Go here to hear "When love died" that Dennis Ellison and Glenn Smith wrote while you look on page below to find words that may help you cope with death, grief, loss of loved ones like your father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or someone else that you love, sadness or thoughts of suicide the site owner wrote from personal experiences he has had in his life and from sad times that he's seen other people experience that are available to songwriters who may need lyrics for a songwriting project.. to find lyrics you can read that is described above go here

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Hear In your memory that Bobbie Collins a Texas songwriter wrote with Glenn Smith before he lost his battle with Cancer 12/2002 so that his family would have something special to remember him by.. to see two songwriters who wrote the song above go here

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As we leave the world

The day I go home

I asked God not to wait **

As you send me on my way

The times that I'll miss

She'll keep holding his hand

With you

She's alive in my heart

They're waiting for the Lord

Don't throw a life away

Life Goes On

I didn't let my feelings show

Some memories won't be mine **

I love you wasn't said

Words I should've said **

Going nowhere **

As long as I have memories

How many will say goodbye **

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In Glenn's life he has lost a son to suicide and his father to cancer and many others he has loved so he hopes the words in his lyrics on page above help you to cope with loss or sad feelings you may be having to face in your life

All song lyrics on my site are available to songwriters who are needing lyrics to do a composing project if they contact me

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