On page below are lyrics that might help you cope with heartache, heartbreak, regrets you may be having from recent breakup that the siteowner wrote from personal experiences he's had in life and that he has seen others have in their lives that are available to any songwriter who may be looking for lyrics for a songwriting project they want to do

Hear Emptiness and When Love died that James Allen, Dennis Ellison and Glenn Smith wrote about relationships they had in life

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The Tears That I Cried **
All I See Is Regrets
I'll Get No Second Chance **
I Stumbled Into Hurt **
The Flame No Longer Burns
Shake Hands And Say Goodbye **
You'll Always Pay A Price
You Put Me In Her Arms **
I Know What Heartaches Do **
Things I Now Know
It's Past My Time To Go
No Love Had Been Shared
The Corridors Of Time **
I Can't Seem To Get To You
When Loving Someone Hurts
I Love You A Little
When You Close Your Eyes **
What Happened To My Life
When You're The Last To Know
I Could Have Been Happy

Love Always Starts The Same
I'm Sorry That I Hurt You
Let Some Sleeping Dogs lay
You Can't Have Me Now **
I'll Leave It Like It Is **
Didn't Trust What Heart Heard
I Wouldn't Be Here With You
There's So Much That's Missed
If Your Heart Won't Listen
When It Comes Your Turn
Nothings Like It Use To Be
Use To Be's (Don't Count)
Living Lies And Havin' Doubts
I Don't Like The Things I See
We Quit Trying Anymore
What Would I Give
I Don't Try Anymore **
Used To Be
You Won't Be Missed **

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