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** I Don't Owe You A Thing©

My Brother Was A Man©

The Things I Hide©

** When A Fire Is Burning©

Jolene Is Not To Blame©**

I won't Need a Handout©

Who Should We Blame

** You're Going To Miss Me©

Yours Or Mine©

In Someone Else's Shoes©**


I'm Sorry I Made My Angel Cry©**

** Tavern Of Sin©

He'll Pay His Debt In Hell©

Where Are All Our Heroes©**

Another Lonely Sleepless Night©**

** Katie Bar The Door


Lies and Gossip©

No One Will Hear His Screams©

The Day His Debt Is Paid©

Read lyrics to McVeigh©**

Dreams And Fantasies©**

I'll Search The Stars©

The Atheist©

Will Memories Disappear©

If Our World Had No Dreams©


A Friend©

Why Don't You Get Real©

** The USA©

Personal Philosophy©

King Of Rock And Roll©

Can't Blame Time©

Why Can't The Government See©

Beneath The Capitol's Dome©

We All Bleed Red©

One Way Street To Nowhere©

My Mind Is Working©


No Hero's Today©**

I Ignore What Others Say©

No Problems There©

If We Didn't Have Memories©

When You're Judging Me©

The News Gives Me Blues©

The Dreams I've Realized©

The Price You Will Pay©

If You Live Only For Today©

We'll Do It Tomorrow©

Our Time Will Be Coming©

Peace Of Mind

I'm Coming fter You©

Life's Like a Rivers Flow©

** Before They Were Stars©

** Caroline©

Be Careful What You Think©

A Heart's a Precious Thing©

** I Wouldn't Choose Wrong©

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