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I spotlight co-writers and I don't bury them in hundred's of pages where they or their song(s) won't be found... I'll put them on their own page to promote them to my site visitors

If you want to be a co-writer with me check lyrics page below to see if there's any lyrics you like... then you can let me know the lyrics that you want to compose.

Lyric writers only are not needed at this time because I had two people who were co writers didn't like the music that was put to the lyrics we wrote because composers had put Country music to the words, and they didn't like Country music.

Songs composed were good, but due to dispute, I had to remove songs, and now they will never be heard by anyone. This is why I now only work with songwriters who help write lyrics, compose music and make a demo for song site... find lyrics here

If you contact me I will mark all lyrics you want reserved and if you feel the lyrics need rewritten we will do that, if you make me good demo, send me MP3 file with song, if I approve the song, I'll put song and your personal information and picture of you on site. If you have song or idea you are stuck on, I will be glad to help you

On other site pages you can hear or read Country, Gospel, Christmas, 9/11 songs or song lyrics we wrote and you can see a camera's picture that's only seen on this site that proves Jesus exists and find more

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