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Arnold Shulman in the photo above is a songwriter and composer from Arizona and he is a man of few words, he said to post information below about him:

I am mainly composer, but I can also write lyrics. Music's a passion and my hobby is hiking Picture's me sweating on recent hike, and ther hobbies I like to do involve photography and my cooking. But I'd like to add my personal comments below.

From all my personal experiences with him, Arnold's has been forgiving, and patient and he has gave me many chances to write with him.

He has taught me many things that has helped me to be a better songwriter Arnold strives for perfection in all his songs such as getting right syllables count, timing etc. whereas I am very impatient, and I want to finish songs as fast as possible. I've left him several times with a song that was not done because I'd get frustrated, and go write with others.

I write what flows from my head and then go on. I leave it to co-writer, who is a composer to rewrite and put in the finishing touches unless they want my help to rewrite the lyrics. Most lyrics and hooks come easy to me, so I like doing what I do best and I leave the rest to those with talent in that area.

I think Arnold has great talent, but we're like day and night. Songs below are some that we wrote, which still need some work on the lyrics, but Arnold feels the music is done.

Whenever I've gone back, he never said to go away like I might, because I'm short on patience. Perhaps someday we'll find us singer for vocals to the music, and I'll slow down to where Arnold and me are able to finish all the songs that we've worked on together that are not finished. All songs on page are short samples, if interested in the entire song, e-mail me at bottom of each page.

Glenn Smith

Glenn and Arnold wrote lyrics.. Arnold wrote music on songs below and all songs below are copyrighted

Mom/Pop Stores

The lyrics

Fancy Clothes

The lyrics

Angel Of Love

The lyrics

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