Screen adjustments
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Some sites you visit will appear unbalanced because they are designed using many different screen and text sizes and many don't know how to reset factory setting on computer to change a screen size below:

Adjust text balance by clicking view at top of your screen... click text size... pick text size to adjust what is seen on screen!

To reset a screen size... right click blank spot on desktop screen... click properties tab... when menu comes up... click on settings tab and then do following... under settings tab select screen size wanted... click ok... then text and screen resizes

You should always refresh your computer screen because if you revisit any webpage again you may not see updated pages because a computer will cache (save) the site page as it was on your last visit

Computers will search memory for pages you may have visited before instead of showing you updated page until saved page in memory is refreshed.

You can hit Ctrl and F5 at same time or click refresh button top of screen when you revisit a page to see page as it is that may have been changed.

On most browsers, selecting the "Reload/Refresh" command will renew page you are viewing one time and after that, it will retrieve page from computer's "cache." When you select the "Reload/Refresh" a message is sent through Internet to see if web page has changed since last time computer retrieved it. If page has changed, you will be downloading latest version of that page. If the host server indicate there is no changes, computer will load web page from "cache" memory.

To get full screen view

Some computers will enlarge to full view screen if you click F11 at top of your keyboard and then put it back to previous viewing screen when you click F11 again... if not... to eliminate a lot of things from the screen and get full view of webpages... click again on view at the top of screen, then just click on full screen... you can change a screen back by clicking onto restore at top right hand corner and this returns screen back as it was with original information.

When you use any search engine, always be sure to use small letters and no "..." that'll enclose search word, or you eliminate a lot of sites that may offer you more for what you're looking for!

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