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Texas songwriter
Bobbie Collins


Below are songs Bobbie Collins born in 1932, who died in 2002 co-wrote with site owner Glenn Smith.

It was sad time in 1999 when Bobbie found out he had Cancer, but he got early Christmas present when cancer went in remission. When he thought he might die.

I helped him to write a goodbye song to his family, called "In your Memory" Bobbie wrote melody, we both wrote the lyrics to this touching song

Bobbie Collins hopes you'll forgive his voice on songs he's singing due to his recent bout with cancer.

We know a good singer will improve all songs, but Bobbie had no one else but him, when the demos were recorded.. Songs below written by Glenn Smith, Bobbie Collins, Dennis Ellison


Where She is Today

If Someone Doesn't Care

You'll Have To Pay

The Great Mystery

Memories Of You

Love Is Free

Angel Face

Mortal Man

My Feelings Need To Be Known

Glenn Smith/Bobbie Collins songs ** song with co-writer Judy Fink

Life's Like A River's Flow

Before They Were Stars

I Don't Owe You A Thing

Memories That Never Died**

Used To Be

The Flame No Longer Burn

When You Close Your Eyes

No Place To Go From Here

Can A River's Flow Change


There'll Always Be A Loser

The Truth Is Plain To See

Mom And You Too Dad

The Girl I'll Never Forget

My Allegiance To Love

The Good Old Days

Three Little Angels

The Magic Is Gone

It Leaves A Scar

Hard Hearted Man


A Price To Pay

Where's The Key

I'll Leave It Like It Is

You Played Your Part Well

When I Was Loved By You

Jolene Was Not To Blame

She Fulfilled My Every Dream ***

Rings that Broke My Heart

When You're the Last To Know

An Angel From God

Going Nowhere

I Don't Try Anymore

Time To Shake Hands
And Say Goodbye

Love That Might've Been

The Boy We Can't Forget

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