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Shayne Vaughan in picture above is a songwriter, singer from Kentucky and I had a tough time convincing him to write some songs with me.

Being a new songwriter, that had a few good song ideas. I had to pester and bug him, until he finally did agree to help on songs he wrote with Dennis Ellison and me on page below.. all songs on page below are copyrighted

My Heart is Empty Without You is duet

Heart Of Ice is Upbeat driving Country

I Should have Loved You More

It Hurts More Everyday

I Won't Leave Anymore

Romance Or Heartache

I Won't Go Back Again

Give Me Back My Heart

The Words I Should've Said
does above sound familiar?

The three songs on the page below were written by Glenn Smith, Shayne Vaughan and Dennis Ellison

The Cross He Had To Bear

When Angel's
On Fire

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