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See Jesus appear in your mind
while...... you have eyes closed

Jesus picture

To see Jesus appear in your mind in a white robe showing his hair and skin with full facial features that's not seen in black and white picture do following: stare at the 4 dots in center of face in picture above for about 30 seconds.. then.. close eyes.. and.. lean your head straight back as if you're looking up at ceiling.. keep eyes closed at all times and almost immediately after closing eyes and tilting head back you'll see white circle appear in your mind and in this circle you will image in color as described to you on page above

After following instructions above if you don't see anything, don't give up because you may be trying too hard as some people had to follow the instructions 2 or 3 times before they saw what the picture reveals, others see it right away and after looking at picture.. to see picture that Jesus let a camera take of him go here

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