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To see information on how a black and white drawing of Jesus will let you see image of him in color in your mind while both your eyes are closed go here

To see information on an actual photo of Jesus that he let a local woman take of him at a family reunion and to learn how this picture was taken go here

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To see what Jesus picture below reveals do following: stare at 4 dots in center of face in picture below for about 30 seconds.. then.. close eyes.. and.. lean head straight back as if you're looking up at ceiling.. keep eyes closed at all times after you have looked at picture below and almost immediately after closing eyes and tilting head back you will see a white circle appear in your mind.. in this circle you will see image of Jesus in a white robe.. in image you will see hair color.. skin color.. and.. full facial features of Jesus.. that.. is not seen in the black and white picture below!


After following instructions above... if you don't see anything... don't give up... because... you may be trying too hard... some people have had to follow instructions 2 or 3 times before seeing what picture reveals.. others see it right away... and... after looking at this picture... to see the second amazing Jesus picture that is only seen on my site that shows you actual photo Jesus let a camera take of him go here

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be heard..... on any other site.... on the Internet.... go here
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