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Glenn Smith seen in the picture at top of the page wrote over 250 songs that you can listen to and over 150 song lyrics you can read that are on this site and you can see many other pages on this site with information that can not be found on any other internet site

All songs on this site are using lyrics Glenn wrote and are for sale or available to a singer that may need new songs for upcoming recording project they are doing and song lyrics that are not yet a song are available to any song writer needing lyrics to compose for a project if you email me

After Glenn's son took his life in 1996 he's seen many changes in his life. He learned what he had to know to build this site, and he's started to write down every word that flows to his mind. All the new songs that you'll hear on the site and many of the lyrics that you read during your visit to this site have been wrote since the day his son died. Lyrics he wrote were given breath and brought to life when co writers took time to put their music to his words

"Trail of Tears" was composed by Glenn 1 note at a time because he could not play any kind of musical instrument he composed the song using music loop software

Songwriters here took the lyrics Glenn wrote and turned his words into site songs and without their help, Glenn's lyrics would still be nothing but words

See the information here for song writers and composers that would like to get a site page with picture and exposure on songs we may co-write contact Glenn using email link at bottom of page

If any person brings our songs to attention of right party and song is recorded, they will get a referral fee from songwriters

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