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Virginia songwriter
Judy Fink


Judy Fink is a songwriter, singer, composer from Roanoke Virginia, she is now living in Goodview, Virginia, has been singing and writing since she was small child. She has 175 songs copyrighted. In the 1970's she had her own band, played in local clubs.

She has opened shows for Nat Stuckey, Del Reeves, Jerry Reed, Crystal Gayle, Justin Tubb. She won four trophies for her singing as "The best Female Country Music Vocalist" in Roanoke 1974 thru 1977.

She liked my lyrics/put music to 14 songs in two week period and they're below. Soon you'll hear other songs we are working on.

Below are songs Glenn wrote with Judy, both wrote lyrics & Judy wrote music. All songs on page are short samples, if interested in the entire song, e-mail me at bottom of page.. all songs below are copyrighted

Love is what life's about

Lord thank you for the memories

Til battle is won

Man in my dreams

It won't matter

God will smile

America's our land

Spread out wings

He'll Make You Feel Loved Again

When God Takes Me Home

On A Hill Called Calvary

Whenever I Call

I Asked God Not To Wait

As He Meant It To Be

God Was Walking With Me

We Thought World Could Be Ours

He Left Tears In My Eyes

I Lost Dreams To The Wind

No words have to be said

My Reasons For Loving You

Your Wish Is My Command

You Already Know

The South Won't Rise Again

When You Listen To A Song

Moma's Love Was Best

Will Anyone Say Goodbye

When It's Christmas

When Christmas Comes

Things I Can't Forget

Winter's The Time

Katie Bar the Door

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