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See actual photo of Jesus

Photo on first page below is an actual picture that can only be seen on my site that Jesus let a local woman take of him with her camer

See actual camera photo.. of Jesus

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Picture below is the actual photo Jesus let a camera take of him and it is only seen on this site because no one else any where has permission to display or show this picture on their site.. dark areas in photo is where cloud above his head blocked out the sun and caused shadows to fall on his face when camera took photo.. 2 lines across photo are jet streams.. and.. you can see a glint in his eye

Picture of Jesus

Most people seeing picture above think that Jesus may be trying to tell us all we should get right with God because he may be coming soon and remember that a picture is worth a thousand words

Woman who took picture heard an inner voice telling her... to take a picture of the sky and she did.. no one at the reunion seen anything but the 2 jet streams.. blue sky.. and.. clouds.. when picture above came back from film developer it had a face in the picture that wasn't seen by anyone when the picture was taken

To see another amazing picture of Jesus that shows you a special gift that you have never read about.. or.. you have heard about.. that.. proves your mind has ability to see like your eyes do go here

Hear 2 Gospel songs we wrote

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