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  Sample 14 Country, Gospel, 9/11,
  Chritmas songs we wrote below

"Emptiness".. Country song about feelings after a breakup

"I've got you".. is Country love song... lyrics

"Heart of ice".... is upbeat Country

"God wrote every song".. inspired by Alan Jackson... lyrics

"She changed my life" is upbeat Disco song about finding love

"Santa will always rein" is a song about Christmas we wrote

"Trail of tears" is an Instrumental song the site owner wrote

"In your memory" left to family by songwriter before dying

J. Gale Kilgore .... Glenn Smith
wrote five 9/11/01 songs below

"World center tragedy"...... lyrics

"The ways of Americans"

"If there was no America".. lyrics

Faces in the smoke............. lyrics

"America will never fall"

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